Dipod: The Foot Legacy

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Dipod: The Foot Legacy

Have you ever think about that, how would be your life without footwear? For Dipod and the clan Byron Gordon, this is an ordinary lifestyle, but what about the future?

“Dipod: The Foot Legacy” is the story of the cursed clan and our hero Dipod. If you were in Dipod’s shoes, what would you do?

Dipod is a brave, powerful and clever hero. Her main aim is to remove the curse on her clan, Byron Gordon. Dipod tries to fix her grandpa Manson, The Trickster’s mistake that made the Gods angry. Dipod cannot accept this shamefull past and decides to take her respect back.

The story of “Dipod: The Foot Legacy” sets in the middle ages. Chivalric Dipod goes on a journey and things happen. Her life wasn’t easy and won’t be because the Gods are watching her, and everything will find Dipod in this cursed journey.

In this journey, Dipod will reach her dreams. Different types of footwear will be given to Dipod, and each footwear includes different but significant skills to move on Dipod’s journey and being able to kill all the troublesome bosses.

Sometimes Dipod will encounter with soldiers of Gods, and sometimes Dipod directly will see the Great Gods. At the same time, Dipod should deal with little creatures who want to block Dipod from her journey and mission.

Dipod: The Foot Legacy

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Levels will be updated continuously.

Dipod: The Foot Legacy